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ISSN (P) 2638-6062
ISSN (O) 2638-6062
Country United States of America
Frequency Bi-Monthly
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Year of First Publication 2017
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Editor Mary John
Phone No. +1 (914) 407-61
Cosmos Impact Factor 2018 : 3.527
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Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences (PRJFGS) is an Open Access scholarly journal that focuses on genuine source of information of forensic findings which includes topics on Genetics. Forensic science is a scientific evolution in the field of crime investigation, resolution of legal conflicts, reliability of paternity, typing of organic stains and tissues from criminal casework, resolving Technical and statistical issues. Genetics aims to divulge the fascinating secrets encoded in the genetic codons, gene expression & regulation, heredity, genomic evolution, etc. Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences is devoted to prompt publications that head to remarkable contribution in advanced information in Forensic & Genetic Sciences. Forensic & Genetic Sciences comprises various features of Forensic Genetics & DNA Analysis, Criminal Cases Finger-printing, Forensic Clinical Medicine and current developments. This Journal is devoted to rapid publication of original research, review articles, case reports, opinions, commentaries, mini reviews and making them freely available online without any restrictions to researchers worldwide.